Which mushroom is expensive?

Here Are 7 Of The World’s Most Expensive Mushrooms That Will Burn A Hole In Your Culinary Pocket

Mushrooms are quite a bizarre thing that nature has to offer, but maybe not entirely. They grow in wooded areas across the globe and add to the aesthetic vibe of an area with their unique features.

Did you know that some mushrooms cost an obscene amount of money? Well, here are some of the most pricey mushrooms in the world that you can get your hands on if your pockets are full of moolah.

1. Gucchi mushroom

Gucchi mushroom grows in conifer forests across temperate regions and the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Jammu & Kashmir. It also cannot be cultivated commercially and has to be collected from the wild. It’s collected between the months of March and May to be dried off and sent away to the markets. 

It’s priced at Rs 30,000 a kilogram. 

2. Yartsa Gunbu

Known as caterpillar fungus in English, this mushroom is better known throughout Asia by its Tibetan name, Yartsa Gunbu which translates to ‘summer grass, winter worm’. 

It grows on the peaks of the Himalayas, at altitudes of between 3000 and 5000 meters, in Nepal, India and Bhutan, and also on the Tibetan Plateau. It is priced at a whopping Rs 15 lakh per kilogram.

3. European White Truffle

Truffles usually grow underground, near the base of oak trees and quite common throughout Europe. They are a prized harvest and quite rare in the world. Since the white truffle has resisted cultivation techniques, the price remains consistently high. It is priced at Rs 4,50,00 lakh per kilogram

4. Matsutake Mushrooms

This type of mushroom grows in the Tamba region of Japan, near Kyoto. It is associated with the beginning of autumn and is considered a delicacy in the Japanese cuisine. It is roughly priced between Rs 75,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh for a pound (1 pound = 1.36 kg).

5. Morel Mushrooms

Extremely difficult to farm, morel mushrooms only grow in the wild throughout North America and Europe. Warm and wet conditions are perfect for this type of mushroom to grow. For a kilogram of morel mushrooms, one has to pay around Rs 36,000.

6. Chanterelle Mushrooms

One of the world’s most popular mushrooms, chanterelles grow in North America and Europe. They kind of resemble an oyster mushroom in their appearance. They are commonly found in white, yellow and orange colours. They are sold at Rs 1,200 per kilogram.

7. Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki are also known as velvet shank and are a delicacy in the Japanese cuisine. They are a long thin white mushroom, usually sold in clusters. They are also known as enokitake, golden needle, futu, or lily mushrooms. They are priced at Rs 2,000 per kilogram.

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